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ubi Store Fixture System

The ubi system is made up of three basic components: the wall, the cart, and the platform. Interchangeable modular accessories offer an almost infinite array of display combinations. The system is proportioned on a universal two-foot spacing. Components can be combined to create a complete display environment, or selectively added to typical key strip systems, upgrading existing displays.

Ubi wall can be added into an existing condition or form the basis of a new installation. Both panel and wall heights are adaptable. The lightweight, structurally self-supporting wall panel system is made possible using sandwich construction of fibreglass and steel channels. Installation is absolutely clean: it doesn’t require any additional construction or structural walls. The translucent unit may be backlit or accept an internal light fixture, making it glow. Additionally, an optional lit canopy focuses light where you want it. Ubi has been designed to be easily assembled by retail staff; accessories simply snap into place.

Ubi cart represents a new dynamic in the world of retail display and presentation. Simple and elegant, Ubi cart is an eye-catching display which is easily wheeled to its desired location, or it can be utilized as a freestanding, mobile boutique. What makes it revolutionary, however, is that its compact organizational elements and its flexibility are designed to focus the attention of the customer on a single outfit, or set of key items. Ubi platform is designed with a integral feature turntable to showcase either a mannequin or a full length pivoting mirror. The turntable may be easily motorized for a cost-effective, animatronic presentation. Mounting the optional frame allows compatibility with the full range of Ubi accessories.

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