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Workplaysleep.01 (wps.01) reinterprets the principles of displacement and multi-functionality within the lexicon of sustainable design. wps.01 is an experiment in furniture design, responding to issues of material consumption. The project explores the possibilities of hybrid furniture within the context of rising land values and compact living spaces. It effortlessly assimilates three functions into a single multi-use object and thus eliminates the need for three separate pieces of furniture and three processes of production.

Using an innovative form of lightweight aluminum (manufactured by Alusion), the piece is constructed of a composite panel of foamed aluminum core and laminated with sheet aluminum. Despite its high embodied-energy content, this material has excellent morphing capabilities and can be recycled after use. Designed to accommodate a twin-sized mattress, wps.01 allows for a variety of conventional and unconventional options

for cushion material, including futon, air and spring mattress, foam, and felt. Bubble wrap was selected for this prototype for its reusable capabilities; it is a ubiquitous, low cost/low impact material that can be easily renewed or replaced.

Acrylic, another recyclable material, is specified for the mattress platform and work surface to contrast with the texture and material qualities of aluminum.

Utilizing a combination of high and low-tech materials, wps.01 is designed to be adaptable and transformable for multiple functions and material options and can be easily disassembled into its component parts for transport or recycling.

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