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Conjuring the intrinsic poetics of light, the slide light fixtures are an attempt to capture, emit and modulate these poetics – thereby realizing their transformational, sculptural and functional potential.

Created for the home/office, the slide collection is a series of multi-use fixtures that embody these characteristics, and all 4 fixtures offer three different lighting options: LED, fluorescent, halogen.

The varied nuances of light result in three different lighting solutions within one fixture: fluorescents for ambient lighting, halogens for task lighting, and atmospheric mood lighting evoked with LED’s. All options create ever-changing sculptural forms – as objects unto themselves, and as they articulate the space around them.

Constructed of anodized aluminum and translucent acrylic, the user engages the fixture by sliding the glowing acrylic shade in various positions along the fixture’s length, opening the fixture and activating the focused light of the halogens for task spot lighting needs.

The Collection includes:

slide suspension

A suspended conference/dining room light fixture.

slide table and floor lamps

Feature bases that allow rotational movement to illuminate adjacent walls, objects, or serve for reading purposes.

slide wall sconce

Rotates and swivels to illuminate up or down.

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