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Johnson Chou + Alusion IDS Booth

Project Designers

Steffanie Adams

Johnson Chou

This Exhibition Stand was created for the 2002 Interior Design Show held annually in Toronto, Canada.

The 10m2 booth was intended to feature the architectural work of Johnson Chou Inc.

A 3m cube in form, the booth is designed to create a dark, intimate space to enclose a series of glowing lightboxes that display images of projects completed by the studio. The booth features the extensive use of a new product, foamed aluminum, used here for the first time as freestanding partitions. Manufactured by Alusion, a company based on Toronto Canada, the material is light in weight (15% aluminum, 85% air) and used here for the first time as a freestanding partition. The porosity of the material creates a beautiful screen-like effect of compelling visual texture.

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