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11 Baldwin

Prior to construction, the existing building had fallen into disrepair and was abandoned for years following an unsuccessful renovation attempt by the previous owner. Exterior walls facing the rear, interior partitions, floors/ceilings were partially completed and exposed to the elements. The building also lacked mechanical and electrical systems. The scope of work included the complete demolition of the interior and the reconfiguration of the bedrooms and living areas and the installation of new mechanical/electrical services.

Located near Toronto’s Chinatown district, the building was not only the owner’s childhood residence but also was the original site of her family business, the production of tofu. The commercial component of the

building, reduced in scale, was to remain for rental income. The clients requested that the majority of the partitions in the residential component be removed to create an open, loft-like space drenched with light.

Recognizing the intimate scale of the building, the Clients requested that the new interior space seem larger, elegant and elemental in form and restrained in detail. Space, light and their respective modulation were of primary importance.

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